November 19, 2020 0 Comments Lifestyle

Seasonal Skin Changes: Summer vs. winter

Have you ever noticed your skin responding differently to different weather conditions and wondered whether your skin changes seasonally? The answer is yes.  It does change from season to season. Whenever there’s a change in the weather conditions, the texture and reaction of your skin to different environmental factors changes as well.

Just like fashion trends change, the skin changes with seasons as well and calls for a different skin care routine. Even the thought of replacing our beauty products four times a year fabricates a feeling of anxiety. But there are numerous ways to overcome the situation.

In this guide, we have listed some of the basic but most important skin care routines for winter and summer to make your skin glow and radiant throughout those seasonal changes.

Summer Skincare: As the warmer season moves in, humidity starts to rise and sweat intensifies, the hot season also causes deficiency of water in the body which creates dehydration, which in turn causes the skin to feel irritated, and our oil glands start to secrete more oil making our skin greasier. As a result, blackheads increase and all these factors lead to a blemish-prone skin. Following are some ways through which you can get natural smooth and shiny skin during summers.

  1. During the day avoid wearing heavy makeup because ultimately it’ll melt away so let your natural beauty shine by applying light-weighted beauty products. 
  2. To remove the greasiness and oiliness from the skin in the summertime, try a gel-based cleanser as it will help wash away all the impurities from the skin and leaves a refreshing skin behind.
  3. Increase your water intake to the most, try to drink at least 8-10 glasses a day to decrease the chances of dehydration from your body.

Winter Skincare: A human skin needs consistency. In winters, our skin’s moisture and softness wear out. The harsh wind and cold can leave your skin irritated and itchy. It may feel like that there’s no escape from the rough and dusty sensations on your skin but you have to think rich and try to keep your skin as hydrated and moisturized as you can. Follow the following advice and you’ll move a step closer to your happy skin

  1. Sometimes, the skin looks fine apparently but it’s going through hell inside. Try to consume cream-based cleanser, which will help you nourish your skin and bring back the lost softness of the skin. Remember to wash your face thoroughly and remove all the traces of makeup, pollution, or any kind of bacteria.
  2. To keep your skin hydrated during the winter season; you need a refreshing mist such as organic rose water, to make your skin glow even in the dark.
  3. Balms are of extreme importance during the winter season. You can simply apply them on your face, lips or your hands to add the much-needed moisture to your skin. They also keep your skin from over-drying in harsh weather.  
  4. Night serum can do wonders to your skin. Infused with Vitamin B3, night serums rejuvenate the skin cells and help the skin heal while the body rests.
  5. Socks & Mittens: In addition to all the creams and cleansers, one basic thing to do in winter is to keep your hands and feet covered with socks and mittens to avoid over dry and flaky skins. Check out our winter wardrobe essentials for a more detailed list of what you need in your wardrobe.