November 30, 2020 0 Comments Lifestyle

How to Get the Engagement Ring You Want?

Buying an engagement ring for your significant other is a big deal. A lot of thought and effort goes into getting the ring for the big question. Especially with finicky girlfriends, it can be quite difficult to keep the ring a surprise and meet up to her expectations.

If you are one of those girls who have it all planned even before you were sure who you will marry, then you must also be super controlling about your engagement ring. Most of the girls have an exact idea in their mind on how they want the wedding to be, what color and type would be the florals and most importantly, how will she get that particular engagement ring that she has been swooning over since ever.

If you are already suspecting that your boyfriend/girlfriend is about to propose you and are having difficulty trying to communicate the exact engagement ring that you would want, this article is precisely for you. There are countless sneaky ways in which you could drop hints regarding what exactly do you want for your engagement ring.

We have listed down 5 top tips to woo your significant other and get the engagement ring that you want.

Pro-Tip # 1: Visual Hints are Best: If you two are already at a wavelength where he is thinking about proposing to you, start giving him visual hints. Drop in a few screenshots of your favorite designs from the Instagram feed and search up ring styles and settings on the internet and show him those regularly. You can either share directly, or leave your search results for best engagement rings on your web browser for your SO to see.

Pro Tip # 2: Acquire Help from a Friend: Get one of your trustworthy friends to convey the message to your behalf. Show them pictures of the perfect ring settings and styles or preferably share over WhatsApp, and let your friends know that you need to communicate your dream ring to your SO soon.

Pro Tip # 3: Be Honest & Tell Him: Honestly is always the best policy, and if you are really certain that your boyfriend is about to propose to you, it’s time that you come clean and tell him about what you have in mind regarding the engagement ring.

Pro-Tip # 4: Design it Together: What’s better than both you and your significant other researching and designing the engagement ring together. Look up the internet for ideas and inspirations and create your own design inspired by world famous designers. Once you have the ring design, you can give the design to any goldsmith or jeweler and get it made according to your precise instruction.

Pro-Tip # 5: Buy the Engagement Ring Together: If you are not much into designing and other such creative alternatives, you can always go shop for the engagement ring by going on a shopping trip with your partner. For starters, Moonstone customized rings are easily available and make a great choice for engagement rings.

Try one of these and we are certain you will get the engagement ring of your choice.