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A Shopper’s Guide to Buying Orchids

Orchids are beautiful and exquisite flowers that are believed to give your outdoor decoration a finishing touch.

If you are lucky to be in Melbourne, orchid flower delivery service provides the cutest arrangements that come in very handy for a beautiful gift for mum’s day, for a birthday o why not? For yourself!

However, when looking for orchids on your own, there are some important things to consider in order to ensure that the plant is usually stable and blooms smoothly over time.

Easiest Care Orchids

There are many types of Orchids, but Phalaenopsis are a good choice if you do not have much time to take care of a plant. These are common and can be sold in supermarkets in general. The variety of colors allow you to choose according to your taste and the flowers will last for months wisely.

This type of orchids can be found in a normal and mini size, and the treatment is slightly different for these two. Mini sized ones need to be watered more often because of the pot’ size is small. If you do not spend much time at home or are away during many days, choosing a normal size has its benefits.

Look at the roots.

Orchids are epiphytes, and their roots are usually planted in a mixture of bamboo and organic matter and potted. The colors of the roots changes depending of the hydration; light green when the roots are dry and dark green when wet. They should look thick and juicy if the plant is healthy.

Bringing Your Orchid Home

Taking home the plant can be a challenge sometimes, here a few tips to make sure the journey is smooth. Remember this is an indoor plant, so the less time spent outside the better. If it’s too cold outside, make sure the orchids are covered in plastic before you leave the store, so that the cold wind and freezing temperatures don’t harm them before arriving home.

On very hot or cold days, do not leave orchids in the car for a very long , as extreme temperatures will damage them. Flower life can be shortened when exposed to very high temperatures.

How to tell if the Orchid is healthy

When choosing an orchid, comes handy to know how to tell the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy orchid. Choose the orchid with the longest blooming power rather than the one whose blooms are about to fade. Different varieties of orchids bloom in different times of the year, so make sure to consult your florist before the purchase.

Look at the Leaves

Now, take a long, careful look at the leaves. Bright, green, extremely stiff leaves that point upward are stable. On the other hand, the floppy, dark green, leathery leaves are probably water-deprived and not healthy. Dark leaves with discolored spots or patches may be a sign of illness, which can be a difficult problem to solve, especially without experience with plants.

Choosing an Orchid to Gift

Being an informed and selective shopper will allow you to purchase the healthiest, most beautiful orchid for a reasonable price, one that will raise your spirits and the spirits of anyone else who will have the pleasure of seeing it, which is especially important at the time of making a present. Complement your gift with one of the 5 ITEMS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE IN HER WARDROBE