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The Psychology Of Color: Choosing The Right Hue for Your Party Dress

When it comes to party dress, the question is not what to wear but how to wear it. You might have plenty of party dresses in your wardrobe, but selecting the one which suits the vibe of the event you are going to attend could be tricky. There are some colour codes in place for different types of parties.

So, if you want to understand colour psychology, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the role of colour in selecting the perfect party dress. So, let’s get into it.

Understanding The Psychology Of Color

Before you go on and pick a colour for your party dress, you should know that the colour you choose can greatly impact your image. People associate different colours with different traits, consciously and unconsciously. Thus it’s important to pick a colour that emphasises your personality in the best way. If you want to give off the energy of a calm, soothing and independent person, then blue is your pick.

To give a feminine touch to your appearance, go for pink. If you want to look confident and optimistic, yellow is your colour. Green is usually associated with nature, which ultimately brings peace. So, if you are at that stage where you just want peace, you might find yourself gravitating towards the green hues.

It goes without saying that white symbolises innocence and purity. So, if you want to incorporate simplicity, then pick an elegant white dress. Last but not least, party colours are usually the ones that are vibrant but classy, like the shades of brown, black, red, wine and sometimes white too.

The Right Hue For Your Party Dress

If you keep aside the image you want to carry with the influence of colours, there is a wide variety of colours that you can use. There can be three driving factors that can help you choose the right hue for your party dress: 

The Evergreen

The evergreen hues that go well with any outfit and any occasion are black, red, maroon, rust and white. You can wear these colours on any occasion, and they will automatically fit in.

Pastel Colours

Pastel colours such as lavender and peach should be your first choice if the event is in the daytime. Bright or dark colours don’t really look as appealing in the daytime as at night.

The Occasion

For a festive occasion, always go for traditional dresses that fit well with the conventional colours of that particular faith. For instance, if you attend a Christian wedding, go for pastel shades.

What Color Should You Pick According To Your Skin Tone?

Skin tone also plays a great role in determining which colour you should pick for your dress. If you have a warm skin tone, then go for dresses that have coral hues in them. People with cool skin tones should go for dresses that have blue hues. Luckily, for people with neutral skin tones, any colour will suit them.

Final Thoughts

So this is everything that you should know about picking the right hue for your party dress. If you want to buy a new party dress, then you should check out some sexy party dresses at Miss Runway Boutique. They have the best collection when it comes to party dresses.