January 2, 2023 0 Comments Fashion

How To Wear A Linen Shirt For Men

We all have that one guy in the group who has the best and perfect fit for a shirt, and we all like that. Girls are impressed by him, and guys want to dress like that, besides wearing shirts for formal occasions. Linen shirts are for informal occasions. If you are living in the hot regions or where there’s weather to wear light clothes, there’s nothing better than casually carrying a linen shirt and slaying the competition.

For those who are new to this, Linen is a very soft and breathable material that is great to wear in the summertime. Unlike cotton, it feels crispy. Over time it becomes softer. Linen shirts can make great Outfits for occasions like parties and many more casual occasions. Here are some combos and colour choices in Men’s Linen Shirt.

With Shorts

Men wearing a linen shirt with shorts on the beach! Who can argue with that? It’s the most laid-back with a sophisticated look. The shirt should not be oversized as it can ruin your looks, and make you look older, so choose the right size that fits you well.

Black Linen shirt

What better than a casual looking draped black linen shirt in the summertime at night, this feeling alone rules the night. A black linen shirt with dark creamy trousers is one of the most relaxed and attractive outfits for men to wear casually or if you are the CEO of a company.

Linen Shirt And Suit

Finally, one of the best and most important combos of linen shirts with a suit, nothing can go wrong given you only choose the right colour of both shirt and suit. Even with the same colour as trousers, it can provide the contrast which is needed to stand out from the crowd as a fashion icon.

Casual Attire

From Beach parties to attending weddings, you can never go wrong with wearing this piece of clothing. Just the looks and the colour of it is enough to let anyone know you have a hint of fashion sense instead of being a dull middle-aged guy. Light colour shirts and darker pants or trousers are best suited for casual attire.

Did You Say Formal Outfit With Linen Shirt?

It is rare to see someone wearing a linen shirt at a formal event, but the quality and fabric of the cloth can save you in times of need. A white shirt with a straight collar can help you blend in that formal meeting for which you didn’t have the right outfit. When wearing a linen shirt for formal occasions, avoid colours at all costs.


It is one of the best laid-out shirts to wear in the summertime, as the fabric is soft and just gets softer with time. Everyone, especially people who work in an office, can understand the value of wearing a shirt and looking casually cool and attractive. Linen shirts are a great deal to wear with any piece of cloth unless you are going to a formal meeting.