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Tips to Properly Exfoliate Your Face & Skin

Looking young becomes a challenging task in a world where pollution and global warming are the constant factors, looking young becomes a challenging task. However, it’s not challenging for those who know how to take good care of their skin. If you are a beginner in the skincare department, then you should start with exfoliation.

Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds because your skin changes depending upon the weather you live in. But, don’t you worry as in this article you will get to know about some tips that will surely come to your use.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Started With Exfoliation

Did you know that exfoliation works on two major things? Well, these two things are a combination of mechanical and chemical. So, to achieve good results, you should know the best face exfoliate products that you are going to need. But, before that, look into its chemical and mechanical aspects:


Mechanical factors consist of brush, sponge, scrub, and gloves. You can use an exfoliating brush with a soft bristle and gently massage your face with it. Or, if you think that brush would be too harsh for your skin type, then you can try the sponge instead. You can use it while taking a bath.

Some people might find exfoliating with a brush or a sponge difficult. They can use the exfoliating gloves instead. They are convenient and easy to use as you just need to wear them and massage your skin with them. Another method is exfoliating with a scrub. Simply apply the scrub to your skin and massage it in a circular motion. 


The chemical method works best for people who want more than exfoliation. So, if you suffer from a skin condition like the accumulation of dead skin and acne, then you can choose this option. AHAs work to decrease the accumulation of dead skin. These chemicals also break the bonds on your skin, making your skin appear dull. People with acne-prone skin should try the BHAs.   

Tips For Dry, Oily, Sensitive, And Normal Skin Types

People with dry skin should use the chemical method with AHAs. If you have sensitive skin, then use mild chemical exfoliators. People with oily skin types can use chemical and mechanical methods. The same goes for normal skin types. For combination skin, you might need a blend of both ways and figure out what works the best for you.  

Massage Techniques That You Should Use

For any reason, if you decide to exfoliate only with your hands, then you should know the right techniques. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your skin. Here are the things that you should keep in mind while massaging your face with your hands during the process of exfoliation:

Aim For Gentle Pressure

People have a misconception that exerting pressure on the skin while massaging will increase the blood flow and provide you with glowing skin. But, doing so might actually do quite the opposite. Not to mention, you can end up with a wrinkled face. So, always aim for gentle pressure as your skin is the most sensitive thing about you.

Use The Tips Of Your Fingers

As already mentioned above, gentle pressure is the key to exfoliation. To master it, you can try using only your fingertips. In short, if you need to exert pressure, then try doing it through your finger rather than your palm.

Take Your Time And Go Slow

The longer you massage your face gently, the more glow you are going to have. So, massage gradually and slowly in a circular motion to increase the blood flow on your face. The increased blood flow will provide you with a natural blush. Hence, giving you a glowing look naturally.


If you are getting ready to go on a date, then know that there are only three things to take care of: Your face, your teeth, and your fragrance. People are naturally drawn toward those who have healthy-looking faces. After the face, they tend to look for a perfect smile with bright teeth. And an impeccable fragrance is like a cherry on top of the cake.