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Harmonicas are an extremely versatile instrument, finding a place in nearly every genre. Our biggest exposure to the harmonica has been through folk/pop artists like Bob Dylan and Neil Young, but its main playing base is in Blues. There are a number of different harmonica designs, the most popular being the diatonic 10 hole harmonica. If you want that distinctive Stevie Wonder sound, look for a chromatic harmonica.

Need help choosing? Picking the right key depends on the genre you're playing. If you're performing folk songs ala Bob Dylan or Neil Young, choose a harmonica in the key you're playing the song in, commonly G, C, or D. Many beginners will learn on a C harmonica as most beginner harmonica books and resources teach in C. Choose a C harmonica for learning melodies and playing solo. Blues players need to pick a harmonica key a perfect 4th up from the key of the song to fit the blues scale. If you're playing blues in E on the guitar, use a harmonica in A. For blues in G, use a harmonica in C. If you need help with the keys or would like any other advice, give our sales team a call.

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